Your B-BBEE scorecard is a reality and something that can have a dramatic impact on your business.  With the recently introduced new scorecards, Skills Development together with Ownership make up the biggest proportions with 25 points each, followed by Management Control of 19 points, Supplier Development of 10 points and Enterprise- and Socio Economic Development of 5 points each.

Needless to say then that Skills development should be taken very seriously.  Important to note is that there are 2 scorecards, one for businesses with a turnover of above R 50 million and another for businesses with a turnover below R 50 million. They look as follows:


Generic Scorecard (Above R 50 million)

 QSE Scorecard (Companies below R50 Million turnover)


It is worthwhile to note that a Learnership is so attractive because not only the actual cost of the Learnership, but also the employment cost of the qualifying learner can be considered as “Skills Development Expenditure”.  For Skills Programs and Short Courses (like SKOP) the actual cost of the course can be considered with certain limitations for Short Courses (it should not exceed 15% of the total value of Skills Development Expenditure).

It is further very important to take note of the Demographic requirements for companies in the Generic Scorecard (exceeding R 50 million turnover).   This essentially means that your Skills Expenditure should be in line with the Demographic composition (Male/Female Black, Colored and Indian) of the Province your business is located.

Last but not least, it is of critical importance to submit a Workplace Skills Plan within the scope of the deadline of your particular SETA followed by an Annual Training Report and Pivotal Report which are all SETA approved.  For the latter it is important to make use a Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) either employed or a consultant.

WTSA do not have the capacity nor the expertise to act as SDF, but you are welcome to contact us and we will refer you to a suitable consultant that can assist you to keep your B-BBEE scorecard ticking.

Marius Burger