This month, we offer an interesting workshop with a ‘twist” as part of the WTSA Hospitality Programme

We all know that every so often someone at work has to take a quick emergency picture for Social Media or media publications.  If you are likely to be that go-to person and would like to get a quick and easy to understand “fix” to improve your pictures this, One Day Creative Light Photography Workshop promises to be the solution you have been waiting for.

Creative Light Photography Workshop

The creative light photography workshop will be presented by Jaco Kotze, Commercial- Lifestyle, Wedding- and Portrait Photographer.  The target market is Beginners and Intermediate Photographers.

If you are not a photographer, but sometimes have to take pictures at work for publications or social media, this workshop with a practical approach will hone your everyday photographic skill set.

We often hear the cliché, “ a picture tells a thousand words” but there is real value in using images to promote, to learn and to grab attention.

According to Kissmetrics, images not only get more engagement than links, videos or text based updates, they actually account for 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook.

According to Jaco, over the course of 3 years they had 600 attendees and all of them agreed that this workshop left them inspired, informed and most importantly improved the quality of their photographs.

In this 1 day workshop learners will be introduced to the world of digital photography. We will help you get to know your own camera, teach you the important aspects of equipment, accessories and how you can use lighting and visual elements to give that professional touch to your pictures.

You will also be taught how to set up for your shoot, work with studio and natural light and light modifiers; how to get beautiful images without expensive studio equipment; how to eliminate unwanted reflections. We will also focus on interiors, exteriors and décor photography.

What you will need for this workshop: a DSLR or compact digital camera; a notebook & a pen!

Date : Friday,  30 June 2017

Venue : Jordan Winery, Stellenbosch

Cost :  R825,00 + VAT

We have limited seats available and work on  first come first serve.  For more details or to request your Application Form ~ email or call Romena on 021 3000 117.

Kind regards

On behalf of the Wine Training SA TEam